Philadelphia Weekend

We enjoyed our weekend in Philadelphia. I attended a GCP course on Saturday and Jim visited the Benjamin Franklin Institute while it rained from the hurricane all day. Friday night we went on a walking tour of the boat houses near the Philadelphia Art Museum and I think we enjoyed that most of all. The weather was typically warm and humid but lovely by the time we walked back to the hotel. It was raining so hard on Saturday that it wasn’t hard to go to my all day class and Jim stayed dry viewing the Pirate exhibit being featured at the Ben Franklin Institute. He is looking forward to maybe taking Grandchildren there as there were lots of interactive exhibits of inventions and machines for "kids" of all ages. We stayed inside for Saturday evening and watched a movie on HBO after getting drenched walking a block and a half to get dinner. Sunday dawned clear, cool and bright and we were able to do a morning in the historic part of town that included a walking tour, breakfast and the tour of the inside of Independance Hall. In just a few hours we were saturated with history and felt satisfied that our weekend had been very profitable. We enjoyed Cheese Steak sandwiches and will do the fresh made ice-cream on a return trip, hopefully with kids.

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