Jan and Kim are Coming!

I just got off of the phone with Jan and Kim has a grant visit scheduled in DC next weekend. They are going to stay with us on Saturday and Sunday evening!! I am so excited to have such good friends visit us for the weekend. It is first Saturday Night in Frederick and I think we will "sight-see" downtown in the evening. Hopefully we can visit something that instrests all of us while they are here. I will have to do some research to see what is available this time of year.
I was able to pick up some more of Chalice’s Dishes only to find that a large portion of the pieces had glaze flaws. I suspect the recycled clay but we are going to take some of the worst pieces to Bill Van Gilder to see what he thinks may be the problem. I was going to go to the studio today and got up late and there is just too much to do here at home to make it pleasurable for me to go. I am going to get caught up and unpacked so that I can spend tomorrow with the boys in Winchester finishing the clay project for their Mom’s Birthday. I also want to talk to Michelle about putting in a vegetable garden at their house and see if it is a project she wants to do or not. We will probably still be in the rental this summer and pehaps I can use an idea from Southern Living and do a garden in galvinized water containers and take them with us if Jim does find work and we decide to move. It is too cold to start anything outside right now but it appears that we can start some plants indoors to plant in April.
Here are some pictures of our day at the zoo last Wednesday. Torsten didn’t walk at all – he ran through the zoo and ate an entire soft-serve including the cone all on his own. He is sure growing up!

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