Tomorrow is my Friday and after a frustrating week of trying to get caught up after 2 weeks vacation and In-Processing as a Government Employee. I am hoping that next week will allow me to catch up with my work a little better. I still have benefits to enroll in and a lot of training to do. The benefits need to be done ASAP so that the coverage starts right away. The training can go a little longer. I should find out this weekend if either of us caught Shannon’s Las Vegas cold. So far, so good.
I am really looking forward to the Slocum’s visit this weekend. They will be with us Saturday and Sunday evening. This is the first Saturday in Frederick but I don’t know when they will be here or what they will want to see. I would like to show them the Potter’s Guild Gallery while it is open late.
Sunday we are going to celebrate all of the March Birthdays at a resturant in Winchester. It will be nice to catch up with Wes and Julie and find out how their trip to Mexico was. It will also be fun to have the Slocum’s there to add to the festivities and visit.
I am looking forward to sleeping in Friday morning because I still haven’t totally made the time change transistion. I probably should get to bed now as 6:00 comes really early. I have noticed a real change in the sunrise and sunset times – it seems like overnight the days get significantly longer.
We have a Fort Detrick deer living in out back yard. The doe (we think, although Jim is still hoping that it grows antlers) got out of the base and ended up on the backyard side of the fences that are on either side of the road that surrounds the base. She has been jumping the short fences between properties so she has many backyards to graze from but she obviously would like to be back on the base. I hope she finds her way back before growing season – she won’t mix with the tomatoe seeds Jim started indoors today. We are going to try eggplant and bell peppers in containers in addition. Those are supposed to be the easiest to grow in this region according to Southern Living Magazine.
We should have good pictures from this weekend and I will post them next week.

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