Spring is Coming!

We saw our first Ground Hog today and I had to call Michelle to tell her the news. She is so patient with me. I love her laugh and wonderful encouragement. We are celebrating the March Birthdays on Sunday in Winchester and it should be a very fun day. Michelle has also "suffered" through all of my garden and tomatoe questions with a lot of patience as her schedule has never allowed her to do any of this type of gardening even if she had a desire to do it. She probably has concerns regarding the pethera of wildlife that are resident to my backyard in the summer, but she has been a very good sport so far. I am also looking forward to a day with the boys and some more Wii Bowling and Tennis.
The deer is still with us and is camping out in our backyard today. With 5 yards to choose from, we are not always the preferred location. The squirrels are starting to be out in force and the next thing to show up will probably be the rabbits and seasonal birds. I will get my feeders out next week to be ready as I think the Hummingbirds hit MD in April.
We are going to spend a day at the Inner Harbor with the Slocums on Monday (unless we change our minds after they arrive) which should be a very fun day. I switched days off to be with them before they are involved with the grant inspection in Gaithersburg on Tuesday.
The economy continues to cause concerns in the background of our lives. I am so thankful for my Civilian position and that everyone in the family is still "okay". I hope that continues to be the case everyday. Salaries have been frozen but the benefits of working for the government seem to be very good at this point in time.

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