The Rabbits are Back!

Must be Spring. It is in the 70’s this weekend and the rabbits are out in full force this morning. The only thing left are the migratory birds and the lightening bugs. But the lightening bugs are really more of a summer thing. I am back in full swing at the Pottery School and will work my first shift at the Guild Gallery next Friday. I really should be putting the ribbon on Michelle’s and Julies Birthday Presents, but wanted everyone to let everyone know that the bunnies are out and probably doing their bunny-making thing. Some type of bulb has come up in our front yard. I will have to have Michelle tell me what they are next time they are here. Looks like one bunch might be Crocus and the other Daffodils. No wonder we couldn’t pound the outdoor Christmas Decorations into the ground. It was full of frozen bulbs!


We have turned off the heat for the weekend and have opened the house to freshen the indoors. I am baking bread and up to Thanksgiving on my scrap book. What is left is manageable and I will keep going with 2009 to get current for this year.


That is it for today – Hope everyone has a great weekend. Love, Mema

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  1. Fun, we went to a little rodeo today and Jake loved the rabbits. I\’m sure he\’d love a visit to your backyard!

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