Raining Today

I spent all day at the Pottery School Saturday. Chalice’s dishes still are problematic. I am considering re-throwing in porcelain. The practice will be good for me and she will have the seconds for a banquet! It is still damp, cold and overcast today. I want to see Wes and Julie’s house if possible and continue with scrapbooking and work on Torsten’s bedspread so that I can bring it back with me in April. That is only 4 weeks away and will be here before I know it.


My actual birthday Dinner at Palettie’s was wonderful and the spaghetti was delicious. We all had a good time and Mom had a birthday bouquet delivered to the restaurant which was on our table when we arrived. It was a very special evening. I realized that, for the first time in my life, I have good friends that I want to spend time with. We had the same experience gallery sitting this Friday. Karen was a stranger to us at the beginning of the evening and by the end of the evening, we were good friends offering to help each other when needed. Frederick is such a comfortable place for us to be – so much more so than San Diego ever was. I really can’t decide what the difference is about this place, but it is working for us and that is all that matters. Now I just need to get Mom and Dad here. I miss their company and it was fun to watch Mom enjoy the new sights and activities Frederick had to offer when they were here for the holidays. Daddy was not so pleased with the change in scenery and that will continue to be an issue with them I suppose. I am hoping as time goes by that the desire to have family support near by will out-weight the need to stay independent and in San Diego.

 I left my cell phone at the Pottery School and need to go retrieve it so will sign off for now

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  1. What a sweet gesture to send the bouquet! I am glad you are loving Frederick. WOW, so sorry about all the extra work about the dishes, I surely feel blessed that you are doing them for me–I don\’t even have words. Much love–C

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