Spring is Here?

It is gray and wet but the temperatures are up in the 40’s and the first trees are starting to bloom although most are still bare. The bulbs in the front yard are too crowded to bloom I’m afraid. If this wasn’t a rental I would dig them up and replant but that is not a necessity for a yard that we are only borrowing. The robins are back and the finches are more active than they have been for the winter months. It is a wonder they didn’t freeze in their pine tree-homes. We are planning on going to see the Cherry Blossoms at the end of this month.
I received my first immunization for the civilian job yesterday. Now both arms are sore; the left from the shot, the right from playing Wii tennis over the weekend with Jim. We finally took the time to make our own Mii’s so that we can save our scores and chart our "athletic" progress. We both enjoy the sports games and Jim does really well with the other type.
Wes and Julie should find out today if FHA has any problem with their new townhouse. This is the last hurdle to jump before closing at the end of the month. They are so excited planning the move, planning the interior design and determining how to approach acquiring the appliances that they need. I am anxious to see the inside and hear about all of the plans. Have to get ready for work today. I was up early so decided to write.

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