Snow Flurries

We had snow flurries today. I cut 1/2 of my daffodils as it is predicted to freeze again tonight and I don’t want to lose them entirely. Jim is hard at work on taxes and I am anxiously waiting for him to hear from either of the job interviews. The one yesterday seemed to have gone well but the waiting is getting to me. Jim seems to be doing much better on the wait arena. After helping Julie and Wes with their house I am so anxious to get a place of my own to fix-up and make mine. We were told by our realtor that the next wave of ARM forclosures will happen in September and October and will be worse than any of the rest. If Jim has a job by then, we may be able to find what we want in a price range that we can afford. The way that I am feeling, I think Wes and Julies house has precipitated a sort of grieving on my part. I think that once this transistion in the weather is done and I don’t feel the loss of gardening opportunities, it will be a little easier. Right now I just want to garden and fix the inside of the house and I can’t because we are in a rental. Like Julie, I wish we were at the next step. But we have to wait for employment for Jim and that is just the way it is.
Work is too busy and my to-do list there is starting to get to me. I need to step back and get some perspective I suppose. I am tired and am going to bed.

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