We are Moved!

We are settling in fairly well. We entirely out of the rental on Tuesday of this week and are relieved to be entirely in the new house in Sabillasville. We have made a good effort to make the main floor livable even though we still have lots to unpack. The bottom floor is packed with boxes, a lot empty, but about ½ full. Even though should be fairly easy to organize. It is the garage that proves to be the biggest challenge. It won’t be until Jim can get the shelving where it needs to be until we can start loading the shelves and get some room in the garage. I wish I didn’t have to go to work for a couple of weeks; it would be nice to just stay home and get things organized. Jim is still planning on moving the rest of our belongings from San Diego in September. I am anxious to have the rest of our furniture and, of course, the pottery studio. Jim will be working full time within the next couple of weeks and we are feeling the time crunch as we think of all of the things that he does during the week on the part-time work status. Our progress at organizing the new house will slow as we are both away from the house for our respective 40 hours a week.


The appointment for my hip and neck issues was disappointing. The orthopedist wanted an MRI to help diagnose the extra length to my right leg as the x-ray did not reveal anything to account for the pain nor the extra 2 inches that have developed over the last 10 years. I can’t have an MRI because of the metal in my ears so he has to settle for a CAT scan which does not have the clarity of an MRI. I am discouraged. The tingling that has developed in my left arm did not respond to the course of prednisone (although my hip did feel better for a week or so) so I don’t know what is in store with that; probably another irritation to live with and more muscle loss to that arm. I hope that I continue to be able to do pottery in spite of the nerve damage. 


The house and surrounding property make up for a lot of the age-related deterioration at this point in time at least. I stopped by a Farmers Market that is on the way home yesterday and discovered a gold mine in fresh fruits and vegetables. The owner grows everything except the blueberries that he gets from another farmer in the area. Everything was picked that day and fabulous. We had the fresh beets this evening with a chicken breast, the beet greens and a green salad. It really doesn’t get any better than that. We had left-over berry pie I made with wine berries, boysenberries and blackberries picked from the bushes that grow at the edge of our lawn. It was a surprise to find that we had so many berry bushes growing wild. The berries are a nice touch to an already awesome property. In addition, the hummingbirds that I have tried for 2 summers to attract in Frederick are present here in the mountains. I have seen at least 2 hummers – one with a red chest and the other with a yellow chest. The yellow one is small and very skittish but keeps visiting the feeder outside the kitchen window.


I have replaced half of the wall paper boarder in the guest bedroom. I think it looks very nice and goes with the Ethan Allen furniture and paint in the room. It cost a whopping $3.00 for the whole room and replaced teddy bears in tu-tu’s. The bedspread even matches everything. I think I will get lace curtains to cover the windows and then all I have to do is figure out the valence. . . .


Obviously our computers are up and I am glad to be back on line. Tomorrow starts a new week and then a visit to Buffalo next weekend. We are looking forward to the drive and visit with our New York friends.



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