More Changes

The biggest news to report is that Jim has accepted a position as a Technical Manager for Hughes Communications in Germantown. It is a full-time position and is a good opportunity for him. He is in charge of the call center in India and will be traveling there 2-3 times a year. I hope to tag along on one of his trips to see some of this country. I have heard that it is beautiful but the poverty is overwhelming. I would still like to visit at least once. He starts on the 24th of August. Because he is starting work and they do not want him to start and then take time off, we have changed our September plans. I will be attending Torsten’s and Daddy’s birthday celebration alone. Jim will be flying to S. California on the 11th of August and drive the remainder of our belongings to Sabillasville before he starts work. Sal is going to drive back with him again and hopefully stay a little longer this time to see some of the sights on the right coast. I wish Sharon would also come and visit. I think she would enjoy stitching here as well as in San Jose. Jim will also be bringing the remainder of Wesley and Julie’s wedding presents and items still in storage at Bestemor’s and Bestefar’s.


The fun part of unpacking is done and now we are getting to the boxes with harder decisions attached to them. We are committed to 2 boxes a day on the weekends and 1 box an evening on the weeknights that we are home. Jim is setting up shelving in the garage today which will help a lot. The garrage was so full that we couldn’t move anything to look for something. Unpacking will continue to the end of the year I am sure and it will take us a while to determine if the kitchen is the way that we want it. I have finished decorating the upstairs guest room and I am very pleased with the results. I had to work around the paint that was already there and managed fine with boarders from Ollies (a GTM type store in Frederick) and curtains from the Thrift Shop on base. I have posted pictures so you can see. My computer space is functional, but I need a plant to hide the cords and a different printer stand. Once we have a few of Jim’s paychecks available we can make some of those adjustments.


I have gone nuts with the number of plants available here and found a Peony on sale for $15 at Stadler’s Thursday. It is double pink and I am having trouble determining where to put it. The yard is beautiful the way it is and simple. But I want to have growing season blooms to enjoy. The yard is so large that it is a little difficult to determine where to put something. I want to have a plan rather than just start putting things here and there. But I am also anxious to get things in the ground so that they can establish and start growing. Thank goodness that grapes are bare root. That will give us some time to get the vineyard area ready provided we don’t have a really snowy winter. If it is as mild this winter as it was last year, there will be no problem getting the vines in the ground.


Shannon’s pregnancy is solid at this point and I am looking forward to February when I can go visit and be a Grandma for a while. I’m also looking forward to their visit at the end of this month. Jim found another toad in the garage this morning and I think that Torsten will have a lot of fun with Aunt Julie and Uncle Wes as well as exploring the property and finding his own toads with Grandpa Jim’s help. They are so cute. And just the right size for a four-year-old to hold. They have the advantage over lizards in that they don’t bite.


We are enjoying our heirloom tomatoes and farmers market produce. We have also found a really nice meat market in Jefferson and the meat is wonderful from this shop. Jefferson is close to the Pottery School so we will probably start going there on a routine basis. It is near a to-die-for bakery shop next door (bad combination) which will strain our will-power I am sure.


It rained all day yesterday and everything is soaked. It is partly sunny today but still really damp everywhere. More thundershowers are on the way tomorrow. The Winchester Lukeharts are visiting tomorrow for BBQ and Wii gaming now that the Wii is set up. Christopher and Alex had a game that they wanted to share with Grandpa Jim and teach him how to play.


That is all I have time to write at this point.



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  1. I love reading your blog and feeling like I\’m closer than the million miles from coast to coast. . . glad Jim found a job. . . wish he could come out way if even for a lunch break. . . but it may too far out of the way. Luv ya

  2. I think he is headed for SLC to drop off the piano. He has to get back ASAP to start work at Hughes. . . . Glad he was offered a full time position.

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