A thunderstorm is passing through this evening and I hope we get enough rain to keep things green a little longer. I am struggling to get the invitations for my father’s 85th Birthday made and sent. When I get home it just seems like I don’t have the energy to compose and address envelopes. I am recently off of the HRT and had a smallpox vaccination for work last week and wonder if that hasn’t provided a small undercurrent of fatigue and anxiety. The smallpox vaccination itches like crazy and is very distracting. The hormones boosted my energy level and I seem to be lagging now that the hot flashes are starting to return. They are not as bad as a year ago, so I must be on the downhill slope of this age change. I considered starting swimming again to boost the energyu levels except that I can’t get the vaccination site wet for another 20 days.


Jim left today for San Diego and I thought he would have called by now. He missed his flight this morning in spite of being at the airport over an hour early. He took a later flight, but his day was not as planned and he was very tired to begin with. With Mick and Cora’s visit, his time got over-planned and he didn’t get much sleep last night. He will have no chance to recover when he returns as he starts work almost immediately. He is relieved to have found employment, but I sense that the unknown of his job is adding a current of anxiety for him also. All of the changes have been good – but stressful in certain ways. I looked downstairs this evening and wonder where the extra furniture is going to go. . . . .


We have had fresh berry pie from the berries on the property – yummy. We love the house. Wish everyone could visit, but I know that time off and travel expenses are an issue .  

Shannon is pregnant with baby #2. She sees a new OB today and is 12 weeks along. Hopefully she will be over the first trimester morning sickness in a couple of weeks and things will be a little easier. She just had her 30th birthday and is feeling old. She started bleeding and then spotting last week but the baby was fine. Turns out that this is the time that the placenta really settles in and bleeding is not uncommon. I hope that the new OB is more understanding than the previous one that never returned her calls after the emergency room visit.


The rain is really coming down now. I will have to wait to change the humming bird feeders. We have a handful that fight over 3 feeders and keep them empty before the mold can grow. In this climate, that is pretty fast.


I am hoping that the lightening bugs don’t disappear before Torsten arrives. They are so pretty and here in the mountains they stay up in the trees as well as near the ground. Jim took a walk with Cora and Mick night before last and he said that they were so plentiful that it looked like the trees had been strung with thousands of tiny blinking Christmas tree lights. They aren’t so plentiful near the house.


Enough for now – I need to get back to invitations. . . . .




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