Labor Day

It rained a little last night and the weekend’s weather has been cool and dry. We have been working on the house and unpacking boxes. It seems like an endless task. And, of course, finding the time and right mood to get it all done is difficult. We are going to have a lot of furniture to sell or give away and that alone will be a major project. We will need to hire some help, yet again to move furniture and load a truck or trailer to haul the extra pieces to auction or antique store. At lease Frederick is antique heaven, so we should be able to get some help in that regard.
We started on the perenial garden yesterday. Jim spent most of the afternoon digging out a stump. He mentioned he was glad we wern’t trying to be farmers. I hope that the Crepe Myrtle gets enough sun to bloom well. Otherwise, we will have to move it and I’m not sure we will be able to find a place with much more sun.
I am making a clay plaque with our house numbers and hope to finish the design part today. The cardboard we are using now probably won’t make it through the winter. Everyone is hoping for lots of snow since the summer was so cool. I am amoung those that are wishing for snow. I will be able to work remotely on those days. It will be a pleasure to set up my work-laptop and sit in the living room and watch the snow while I work.
We emptied a fair number of boxes yesterday. I swear the boxes reproduce in the night. I did laundry last night in addition as Jim is wearing longsleeve shirts and dockers. His inventory of long sleeve shirts is limited as he didn’t need long sleeves in San Diego. He has lots of Dockers, however they do not last well and he keeps pulling out pants that have holes at the wallet pocket and side pocket. I sense that Christmas for him will be easy this year. Especially with the traveling I am sure there are some travel gadgets he would enjoy using. I will post pictures of our projects later when they are finished.

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