Fall is Here

The temperatures are starting to drop and the leaves are starting to turn on some of the trees. I got to wear my new Costco winter jammies last night after lounging in them after dinner and it was very cozy with the fire going in the fireplace and CSI on the television. Jim got some hot dogs from the Mennonite Butcher Shop in Waynesbourogh and grilled them for dinner. They were very yummy with fresh corn from the farmers market on 550. While I am sorry to see the green leave us, I am also looking forward to the autumn color and the possibility of snow during the Christmas Holidays.


I finished our house numbers yesterday while monitoring at the Pottery School and I am anxious to see how they turn out. We planted some of my end-of-season marked down perennials and have the rest to plant today after it warms up a little. I would also like to plant our blueberry bushes, but there probably won’t be time until next weekend. Jan and Kim are visiting from Buffalo and maybe Jan and I can make apple butter from the apples from our apple trees while the men work on other stuff.


Now that we have been in the house for awhile, we are changing our ideas about how we are going to use the space and finding that we are going to have to re-arrange a lot of the furniture. We are going to locate the craft area down in the Family Room and put Jim’s Office in the bedroom on the main floor. We are going to "convert" the office space downstairs into a workroom for Jim but will need to install a fair number of cabinets, counter space and different floor for that room. This arrangement seems far better for the use of the space given I would rather be throwing than sewing at this point in my life. Jim uses his office on a daily basis. I am a little afraid if his office is downstairs that I will never see him. I am glad to have a plan in place that seems to make good sense. Perhaps when we have the Slocum’s here we can move some furniture to get the project started. Both Ryan and Wes and their respective families are coming to visit while the Slocum’s are here giving us 3 guys to perhaps move some of the lighter stuff. It depends if Kim wants to help with that type of project. Otherwise we are going to BBQ and play cards until we are tired of both!


My health issues continue to cause me some anxiety and one of the medications I was on for the neuropathy was causing serious mood changes so I am discontinuing that one over the next week or so. The side effects were not worth the relief of the numbness and tingling in my left arm. The good news (if you want to call it that) is that the symptoms in the left arm are caused by carpal tunnel and not the osteophorytic ridges in my neck pressing on a nerve. I am in wrist braces at night and when it is practical during the day. I have not had the follow-up appointment since the nerve conduction study to find out what the long term approach for the carpal tunnel will be. I am going to a large medical center in Baltimore for my hip on Tuesday. The condition I have is so rare that no one in Frederick really wants to treat it. I am trying to stay optimistic, which will probably be easier once I am off of the neuropathy medication.


Best get moving on the projects for the day. This is the last weekend day we will have to putter for awhile and we need to take advantage of it.



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