First Snow of the Season!

I wish everyone was here! The snow is even more beautiful than we imagined. I called Christopher this morning to thank him for wearing his pajama’s backwards and bringing the first snow of the season. My view from the loft is incredible and I am so glad that I ended up in this space. My Uggs are perfect for indoor toasty feet.

Marie (my cleaning lady) and her significant other’s Mom and I are going crafting today and then Jim and I attend the big Hughes event tonight. Hope we can get out of the driveway. Looking forward to both. 

Spent the whole day in Hagerstown yesterday. Have an epidural scheduled for the 4th of January and depending on that will probably be looking at neck surgery a few weeks later. It is just day surgery and I will be back to work within a day. If I can schedule for Friday, I will have Sat and Sun to recuperate and be back at work on Monday – Nothing like the hip arthroscopy. It appears that I will be able to continue to throw clay because they can restore the spacing on C6, C7 and the weakness in my left arm will not continue to progress. They go in from the front so they aren’t even near the spinal column.

I have rearranged some of the Christmas stuff and added ribbon to the tree which made a big difference. I never made it to the Christmas Tree Store in Hagerstown yesterday (a very nice GTM type store). The Joann’s in Hagerstown is dismal compared to Frederick. And the Wal-Mart was decimated. But my GPS took me home through Rouzerville and I got what I needed that Wal-Mart was sold out of at Lowes on the way home. I got 2 of the 4 strings of icicle lights up around the deck railing last night and will do the other 2 next week after the snow melts and it is warmer.

Jim is out using his blower to see how well it blows snow from the pathways and it seems to be doing a decent job. He used it to blow the leaves from the grass in the fall and got a high end machine that claimed to also do light snow which describes our climate and snowfall.

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