Memorial Day Weekend

It has been awhile since I have sat down to log recent events. Much has happened since I returned from Shannon and Nathan’s house and I am not even sure where to start. Summer has finally arrived to the mountain and the warmer temperatures have started everything growing. Thank goodness. The few potted plants are filling in and the peony is about to open. Everyone else’s peonies are in full bloom right now, I guess mine is just shaded enough to be a couple of weeks late. I am learning to enjoy a long blooming season rather than be impatient because my flowers are not blooming. Frederick is first, then Blue Ridge Summit where it gets sun and then our house. In all a 2 week blooming season turns into 6 weeks of enjoyment due to our location.


We continue to enjoy the birds and have had a new visitor the last couple of days. It is an Indigo Bunting and a beautiful color of blue. I have enjoyed the Goldfinches, Chickadees and Cardinal pair as well as the hummingbirds when I am in the kitchen at the right time for them. The squirrels have had their share of bird seed which is okay as they are fun to watch too.


We are moving along on the house thanks to Wes. We have hired him to paint the interior and work on the other construction projects as needed. We hope to have the interior finished by the end of summer. He does a great job of repairing minor issues with the walls before painting and is very meticulous with his work. So far the results are stunning. We decided to rent scaffolding for the 2 story ceilings and I would recommend the same for anyone with that problem. The scaffolding was less than $70 for the week and the time savings was considerable compared to using a ladder. We have replaced all of the ceiling lights since we could reach them easily and cleaned the ceiling fan in addition. The lights look great now that they all match and are much brighter compared to the mishmash of different types and wattages of the flood lamps we replaced. We got the new coiled bulbs so maybe we might see a slight decrease in the electric bill this winter when the lights are on longer during the week.


Jim’s first business trip to India was a success and he made good contacts and got to see some sights there in addition. I still haven’t seen his pictures. We just haven’t had the time yet. There is so much to do on the house now that we are more unpacked. We briefly thought that Shannon and the boys were going to spend some time with us which started me working on the basement again. Turns out they won’t be coming, but Chalice and Bob are still planning a visit and I want the family to be comfortable with the accommodations here. The basement really could be rented as an apartment if we wanted to do that. But having a place for family visits is nice to have. I am hoping that Trevor and family might be able to visit once Harley isn’t nursing anymore. With their job situation, it is unlikely that they will be able to visit anytime soon all together.


Jim brought back a variety of spices, exotic teas and a yak yarn rug. The rug is beautiful and I hope to talk him into letting it be used on the floor in the living room in front of the couch. Right now he doesn’t want any wear on it at all. It is an unusual piece and I would like to use it.


We are doing very little with getting the studio set up. I’m not sure why it seems to be such a stumbling block for us. Perhaps it is like sewing for me. I have to be in the mood to sew and perhaps so far Jim just hasn’t been in the mood to re-run the electrical in the studs. Once in the mood I suppose that the project will go faster. Since he just got back from India, he probably still needs time to settle in and get back into a routine. I know it took me quite awhile when I came back from Shannon’s and Nathan’s to get my energy and optimism back. I am just now able to do get to putting clean clothes away and continuing to organize and unpack.


We have become the proud owners of a used riding lawn mower, thanks to Marie and Allen, and it has beat out the cars for garage space. Jim continues to look for an ATV so that he is a smart used vehicle shopper. He has determined what type and size trailer that he wants; now just finding one second hand will be the next thing. We are hoping that our income tax return will be here soon so that we can continue to work on the housing and farming items. But in the mean time we are getting smart about what we want and what is a good deal and what isn’t.


I unpacked the last 3 boxes in the garage – found my Christmas hexagon dishes which I hope we will use this coming Christmas for dessert. I wish that Mom and Dad would come for the holidays again this year. But I am not sure that they would want to drive if the weather is bad and I am not sure that they would want to stay with us the whole time. So I will settle for a fall visit instead while the weather is still nice and the leaves are turning. It is a fun time too.

Finding the dishes cascaded into a pantry re-organization and I am really happy with the result. We got some spice racks and moved all of that small stuff to the doors leaving one side for pots and pans and the other for food. We were able to move cooking dishes in from the garage and do more organizing there too. We are very close to being finished in the garage once the scaffolding is picked up tomorrow.


Wes saw the first fireflies of the season last night. I hope to see some tonight before we go to bed. The 4 days off has been wonderful and I am feeling more settled than I have for a long time.


That is it for now. More to follow soon as so much I haven’t talked about.

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