More Summer News

The hot weather has arrived and is probably here to stay. Last night when I check the potted plants everything had grown inches since the night before. The purple clematis vine has bloomed and the purple blossoms are beautiful. The peony finally is starting to bloom, but there is not scent! Pretty pink flowers but the smell is the best part of this plant for me. I am hoping it is just too soon yet. The Irises are done. Next summer I am going to put stalk stands on the flowers to keep them from flopping over.

We are staying up late in the evening because the days are so long and not getting enough sleep at night. But we are getting lots done and I think we will be almost in maintenance mode by the end of summer. The equipment shed will be the next hurdle now that the garage is organized. I am looking forward to making better use of the “attic” storage in the equipment shed and having the studio portion set up. Jim bought me an air conditioner for my end and I am thankful for that. I had forgotten how hot it gets in the summer. The trees provide extensive shade so the AC won’t have to work as hard as if it would if the building had a full sun exposure.

Our weed whacker died and we need to get it repaired to do the trimming around the lawn areas and to keep the steeper banks behind the house trimmed. Seems like there is always something to be repaired anymore. We also need to get the water dispenser for the refrigerator replaced and also get the fabric softener dispenser for the washing machine. When Wes was at the house last weekend he helped me get the door off of the oven so that we could take it apart and clean the glass inside the door so that I can see in the oven now. Apparently something had dripped in-between the doors and caught on fire when the oven was put through the self-cleaning cycle. It was an easy fix and now I can inside as needed during baking and roasting.

I am going to try and stay motivated to sew this weekend. I would like to have the basement ready for Bob and Chalice way before they arrive so that I can enjoy the anticipation of the visit. I have the fabric for the valences downstairs and the new hardware – just need to sew them together and hang them.

The toads have grown tremendously as well as the garden snakes and with the birds and butterflies there will be lots for the kids to look at. The deer should be out too along with the squirrels and chipmunks. I am hoping to take everyone blueberry picking while they are here so that we can bake with the berries that we picked ourselves.

We are going to Donna and Rob’s after work tonight in order to try out their new deck furniture. Donna went whole-hog and got furniture for an outdoor living room which is so popular right now. I am anxious to see how it looks. She got the furnishings from Pier I which is one of my favorite stores so it should be fun to see everything put together.

The weather report keeps saying thunder storms, but I don’t see them coming yet. I like the thunder showers and get disappointed when they are predicted but don’t materialize.

The new paint is totally wonderful still and I am starting to be impatient to get the master bedroom and bath done. The lavender is really starting to grate on my nerves. Not that I am in the master bedroom that much. But still. The floral paper boarder and puffy valences is not my cup of tea. I went through my shoes and jewelry over the weekend in an effort to find a pair of glasses that I have “lost”. Never did find the glasses but now have more room in my closet and plenty of space to put the shoes I actually do wear. Almost all of my summer clothes are hanging in the closet now and the winter stuff is packed away. Thanks to the liberal dress policy here, in the summer the line blurs between work in play clothes. Everyone wears clam diggers and summer tops with sandals which is pretty much what I wear at home except for days when shorts are preferred.

Shannon took Grant to the doctor yesterday and he, like his brother, is exhibiting eczema and is off of all baby products that have the wonderful baby smells attached to them. I suspect that he will struggle with the allergies and asthma too. Let’s hope he escapes the neutropenia. Shannon has been struggling with placing Torsten in the right school for kindergarten as she has been told (just last weekend) that the school across from their complex is so Hispanic that kindergarten will consist mainly of learning English. A district transfer would have been necessary while she was recovering from delivering Grant in order to have him placed in a different school. At that time, just getting everyone healthy and at home was the only thing that would fit on the agenda and rightfully so. I’m concerned about her getting Torsten to and from another school every day for just 4 hours while Grant is still so little. And while it may not be the absolute optimal situation, for kindergarten, I don’t think that the language issues will prevent Torsten from being ready for the 1st grade which I would think is the major goal of kindergarten.

I am still working on my picture walls in the loft. I want to reframe the 11 month rocking chair pictures and keep thinking that separate 5X7 frames with the oval mats would be best. I still haven’t really decided. I do know that the long frames just don’t work for the space and we still have an unknown number of babies to come. I have also been working on our Italy pictures to use on the walls, but it sure is difficult to determine which to print, and which to combine with each other.

I have started doing research on retirement communities in Frederick and find that there are more choices than I thought there would be. I will be continuing that work this weekend and putting together information packets for my parents to consider. Not that I really have any hope left that they will relocate. I suppose I will understand why they want to remain in their current situation when I get to be that age as every generation I have seen in our family has chosen to be obstinate about moving to a living situation that seems to other members of the family to be a safer, more optimal choice. But, since this seems to be a common issue with 80-something year olds, I suppose I will be there someday too and understand.


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