Summer’s End

The end of summer has arrived as quickly as it started. Night time temps have dropped to the mid sixties and day time temperatures only get to the mid 80s and then start right back down again. Everything is still green from the recent rains and the late summer flowers are still in bloom. The only thing that reminds us that fall color is on the way is the length of the shadows, the shortening day light hours and the displays in the stores.


We are going to have an exciting fall and early winter with visitors. Norma’s visit is coming to an end. She will be returning to Gig Harbor on the 1st of September in the morning. In the evening, Jim will return to BWI to pick up Joel for a seven day stay. He will return to Provo on the 7th, the day after Labor Day. Bob arrives on the 11th and will stay with us a day or so before he attends a Conference in the DC area. On the 17th, Lacey arrives and then on the 22nd Mom and Dad arrive for a 2 month visit through the fall and Thanksgiving Holidays. They will head home ahead of the winter weather and Christmas. Additionally, Jim will be making the second visit this year to the Philippines and India sometime in October and may also be attending a class related to work in S. Carolina for a week sometime in September. I have a 2 day course I am attending in Baltimore at the end of September in addition. These are very busy times!


I just returned from an audit in Raleigh, NC and enjoyed seeing the places I travelled when I was working there for Bayer. The flight was an hour from Dulles rather the 10 hours it took from San Diego. The trip was pleasant and I really enjoyed travelling with Donna. She is an easy travelling companion and kept us from rushing to and from the airport. I was able to spend an evening with Gail Kenyon the day before we flew home and had a wonderful visit learning about Kenyon history and talking about Personality Type. I hope to see them again soon and perhaps spend a weekend at Sea Grove together when Sea Grove has one of their kiln openings.


We have enjoyed all of the news on Facebook regarding our grandchildren returning to school. I signed Norma up and she has also enjoyed the news, although trying to respond to postings is too challenging to manage day to day.


I taught my first class at Hood last night and believe that it went well. I will do better once I am able to use Blackboard and post assignments and information. I wasn’t sure if I was going to just teach this one course or if I would be teaching it for as long as they offered the class. I found out yesterday that I can teach it as long as I want or am able. On top of that, the GLP work that George Mason University wants me to do has been approved and next week I am meeting with the head of the Laboratory to plan out timelines for implementing their GLP program. I knew that I had traded my free time for income rather than time to throw clay. I hope that the horrible economy doesn’t allow me to use the extra income for the things I had in mind for it. I also hope that I am able to fit in my hip replacement surgery so that I can exercise and walk again.


That is the news for now – off the next project.



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