March 2011 in Summary

March is gone but it was a fun month even though it was colder than normal. Since we haven’t been here for that many years, we still are gathering data on what is normal and what isn’t. The biggest news of the month was Bob and Chalice’s visit et al. We have a grand time, loved being with everyone and enjoyed the grandkids. We had many more things planned than we could accomplish but the things we did do were fun and filled the week to overflowing.

Everybody got to take a ride

I turned 58 this month and we are mentioning retirement more often in our conversations. I worry that my ability to throw pots will decline significantly in the next decade and I am not sure how I am going to reconcile that eventuality with my dream of a fully functional studio. Pottery making is fairly expensive as a hobby and with the economy the way it is, we need to watch our expeditures closer than we would like. Unfortunately, the longer we wait to set up the studio, the less time to throw – it is an age-old problem for sure. I just hope my health holds out longer rather than shorter.

I purchased Jim a new-to-him 4-wheeler ATV with wench and trailer this month as his 60th Birthday gift from me. It doesn’t have a plow, but with our snowblower, we don’t need one really. We had a mild winter this year compared to the 3 blizzards of last year, and the snowblower was more than adequate to handle our long driveway and parking area near the house.  He took the grandkids and their parents for rides on it and everyone really enjoyed the fun.

My hip has healed enough to paint again and I finished the kichen walls and ceiling. I also hung the rest of the “tile” (wall paper) and Jim ended up replacing the water hose to the refrigerator because the copper tubing that was installed was too short and develped a very small split in the process of moving it out so I could paint and hang wall paper. We have a few things left to finish in the kitchen: sink replacement parts and the trash/recycle recepticle. We found a brand new oak base cabinet that matches our kitchen cabinets exactly at a building material auction in Baltimore for $50 that we are going to covert into the recepticle for the trash and recycle. All it needs is a top with the holes routed out of the top to drop the trash/recyclables into. That may be more of a project than the cabinet turned out to be.

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