Found New Studio Space!

Leaman Pottery has been revived! I rented my first month of studio space at the “Little Pottery Shop” on Shab Row. We had a potter friend of mine, Doug, come to the house Wednesday to help us determine what we need in the way of out bulidings  and how to situate them on the property. Doug is a drafsman in real life and throws at the Frederick Pottery School. The end result of his visit was a whole new double-car-garage sized, free standing building that would need heat and cooling year round. The cost of such a structure is prohibitive for our current budget and does not make good sense at this age and stage to me. The other issue with a full studio at home is that it is so isolating. I want to make friends and talk pots with the pottery community here in Frederick, which is really turning out to be much larger than I thought. I talked to Tammy, the owner of the the expanded facility, yesterday after work and everything is kind-of fluid right now for the folks wanting to rent studio space. I am moving  one of my spare wheels in on Monday after work. Once I get settled in, I may ask her if I can “store” my slab roller there. The raku kiln I can run at home, but the little Olympic Torchbearer might be able to be “stored” there as well for small batches of cone 10 reduction firing. But I am way out in the future and that might not be feasible. Tammy has some very pretty cone 6 glazes and offered to let me mix up whatever I wanted. She plans on charging for glaze firing by the shelf or the kiln load. I can buy clay there as well – a buff and the same red that The Frederick Pottery School has. She also has recycled clay. She is still working on the space with shelving and sinks and moving her office into the upper floor. I think I will still want to set-up my little electric kiln at home so that I can throw and bisque and then transport ware down to Frederick for glazing and firing. She seemed really nice and pretty excited about the facility. There are already quit a few other instructors there and a retired potter-engineer that is also teaching and helping with glazes, firing etc. Tammy invited me to a free seminar he is presenting later on – I think the end of next month – that is 3 hours on glaze problems. What a wonderful resource to have readily available. I am so excited about the prospect that I am having trouble concentrating on much else.

Jim is in Utah this weekend for Jon’s graduation from college and I have been invited to Ryan’s house for a combined Birthday Celebration for Alex and Easter fun. I am looking forward to day tomorrow as well as Sunday. I think that I will try to paint the loft on Sunday unless the weather is just so nice that I will want to be outside. I will decide once the day gets here. Now to figure out how to send these posts to an e-mail list!

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  1. How exciting to get back in to pottery! You lost me with all the details, but I hope you are able to work something out.

    Bestemor and Bestefar are coming to our house for Easter. Torsten gets super excited about the holidays. He loves easter eggs and bunny rabbits, and of course, chocolate – so this is a great holiday for him. Since Grant is walking now, I suspect he will be able to hunt for a few eggs too!

    1. What did you have to do to get to the blog? Will I be able to walk Bestemor through it over the phone? I am so glad to hear you are having them for Easter. Looks like it will be a fun day for everyone. Ryan invited me over to their house tomorrow to celeberate Alex’s Birthday and Easter. Doubt that we will hunt eggs though.

      1. I switched to the g-mail blogger and now she gets the blog via e-mail. She doesn’t even have to go to Blogger, the post looks like a regular e-mail with the pictures and everything.

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