Fresh Starts 2014

New Glaze Combination
Different Shape same Glaze
Like the break on this Glaze application

After several joint set-backs, I am now “fixed” with new hip and new back. I have discovered a winning glaze combination and I am currently in the process of throwing a whole set of dishes and serving pieces for myself. I have also been asked to join the Pottery Guild of Frederick and will be training the month of March. I am excited to have the exposure on Market in the heart of Historic Frederick as well as on Shab row. I also will soon have mugs in “The Main Cup” in Middletown. The food and coffee at “The Main Cup” has fabulous food and many thanks to Kim for selling a variety of mugs from local potters including her son who has amazing talent at a very young age. I look forward to showing my work on my blog again as I continue to throw and keep really busy.

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