5 Part-time to Full-time Changes I to Love

With the holidays over and family obligations now at a minimum, my throwing schedule has taken on a new rhythm. I was thinking today of the things that make throwing pots on the potters wheel as a full-time clay artist more enjoyable than working at clay part-time with the responsibilities of a full time  job outside the home the 1st priority.

  1. Part-time potters are  always struggling to work on their pieces when the clay is just the right consistency. I don’t know how many times a piece has dried in the damp closet because I just couldn’t get back to it or I ruined a piece because I tried to trim it before it was hard enough to retain its shape.
  2. I always had lots of scrap clay that needed processing so that I could use it rather than buying new bags of clay at $25 a bag. Now the scrap clay is minimal and I simply use clay directly from the bag, almost eliminating the time spent on continual clay re-cycling.
  3. I don’t have to rush as I throw, and no longer experience the disappointment of starting over on a piece because of the precious time lost on a less than satisfactory first attempt that went awry.
  4. My work space is much cleaner and I am not spending time searching for tools, sponges and examples of what I want to add to my inventory.
  5. I have time to throw a series and determine the best shape, proportion, and composition. Because I am with my pieces all day, I find that I am tweaking my shapes to make them better as they dry.

Retirement suits me! I love pursuing my favorite activity and creative outlet. I look forward to every day that I can play in the mud.

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