Let us Introduce Ourselves

Jim and I are the owners of Leaman Pottery, a cottage operation in the Catoctin Mountains. We suspect we live somewhere near Camp David but have never tried to determine exactly where Camp David is located. Its highly unlikely we would be invited in any event, so it really doesn’t matter!

As an introduction to Jim and me, we are a retired couple that have been dabbling in clay for over 30 years. We both had very respectable professional careers, but I always wanted to make and sell handmade pottery. Jim has been an enthusiastic supporter and loves to fire the kilns, especially the gas kiln. Between us we have 10 children, a gaggle of grandchildren and, now, the chance to run our Pottery full-time.

Last year we got our feet wet with sales in boutique shops in Historic Downtown Frederick, attendance at various craft shows, and a very rudimentary start at on-line sales. We also started teaching 2 one-and-done classes in Frederick. “Take a Turn at the Wheel” and “Clay and Chardonnay”. These have been very fun for both of us and the participants. We look forward to continuing these this year.

Our other big project for this year is to get our Leaman Pottery Shops on-line, stocked, and functional. A big endeavor for this year, but we are looking forward to learning how to take the photos, present on-line effectively, and, hopefully, provide folks outside of Frederick a chance to enjoy our work.

I though it would be fun to share the ups and downs of this journey on our web-site in case other potters are interested in the process and time involved in marketing a small pottery business. We are also interested in feedback, especially when we run into the inevitable snags along the way.

In my next post, I will describe my attempt to find the correct photo set-up and why we chose what we did and the effort and time to make the props.



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