Mothers Day is Coming

Creating pottery is always a look into the future. Especially when functional and seasonal items are the most likely items to be requested. We were unexpectedly invited to the Blandy Home and Garden Show

So I started throwing planters, bird feeders, houses, and baths this weekend to get ready. This forms are new for me and the larger planters will be a nice challenge. Because our gas kiln is larger, I am changing to a different clay that fires hotter without melting than the electric kiln in the garage. I may do some vases and ikibana containers as well. I love the combination of bamboo and clay. Or wire and clay.


Once the ware is dry – takes about a week or two, then they undergo the first firing, then glazing, firing again, sanding the bottoms and then they are ready for the show. As you can see, 4-6 weeks is a good turn around time for most potters and longer amounts of time are necessary for special items. Sometimes problems with any step can force the project to begin again delaying the final product even further. Stay tuned as the Blandy pieces go through their paces!


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